inside the app


Sic 'Em Sports is an all-in-one iOS application that UGA football fans can use to stay updated, connected, and engaged with their favorite Georgia Bulldawgs during games, and even after games. Through live updates, hot news, social integration, and exclusive content, Dawgs will never have to worry about missing out again!

Not only will users be able to stay on top of all that Georgia Football has to offer, but they can also stay in touch with the entire Dawg Nation! Beyond enhancing live game viewing, Sic 'Em Sports will serve as an online community for Bulldawgs across the country, and a platform for our fans to engage with one another. GO DAWGS!


Live Scoreboard

Included in the app will be a live scoreboard fixed at the top of the screen. Users will be able to pull down on this scoreboard to reveal a more in-depth scoreboard, including timeouts, downs, possession, and time.

Social Media Feed & Profile

The home screen of the app will be an integrated feed of social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These posts will be fed into the feed through unique profiles created by users on the application which they will link with their social media accounts. Other app users profiles can be accessed through this screen as well.

News & Updates

This feature will include important or relevant news about the Dawgs, as well as updates about the game. Dawg Nation won't ever have to worry about missing out, and can stay in up to date with our fellow dawgs!

Exclusive Video Content & Entertainment

Members of the application will gain access to exclusive content. This content will include highlights from the game, as well as behind the "hedges" interviews with the coach and his players-- all the good stuff you can't miss out on! Users will also be able to engage in live polls and interactive games!

The Team

Jill Armitage

Director of Design

Grace Brandus

Director of Media & Branding

Megan Cho

Director of Technology

Danielle Profita

Director of Communications